The Communist Party of China has reinforced its ban on members believing in “feudal superstitions”, Xinhua news agency reported. President Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the ruling party, wants all 88 million members to adhere to ideological teachings and warned them against questioning official policies publicly.

The new party rules came into effect on January 1. In the 2003 version of the party rules, "feudal superstition" was included under the broader heading of activities that "disturb productivity, work, or the social order".

Superstitious practices, such as relying on fortune telling and feng shui, go against the party’s core belief in Marxism, which claims to be based on science. In recent years, several high-level party officials have been accused of dabbling in superstitious practices. The party threatened to expel members who organise superstitious activities, while those who merely participate in them will be let off with warnings.