The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday agreed to impose sanctions on North Korea after the country said it had carried out a hydrogen bomb test. The UNSC convened an emergency meeting on Wednesday and condemned the nuclear test, calling it a threat to international peace and security, PTI reported. The council includes North Korea's ally, China.

This was North Korea's fourth nuclear test since 2006. After the third test in 2013, the UN had threatened to take further measures against the country if it conducted another one. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon denounced the nuclear test as "deeply troubling" and "profoundly destabilising" for regional security. He also called on Pyongyang to halt its nuclear programmes.

If North Korea’s claims of conducting another nuclear test are true, it would mark a serious rise in the hermit country’s bid to advance its military capabilities. However, the United States has its doubts, saying that initial analysis is not consistent with Pyongang's claims of successfully testing a hydrogen bomb.