Researchers in Canada have discovered a bottle of beer that could be more than 120 years old – and they believe it’s still okay to drink. “It’s not very good though,” said Andrew MacIntosh, who carried out the tests at Dalhousie University in Halifax with his team. The beer has the smell of sulphur and some burnt notes, researchers said, though it still contains alcohol and is not toxic, AFP reported.

"On the palate, there is an odd minty flavor which I presume is from nitrogen, there is also some salt and a surprising amount of bitterness," MacIntosh said after taking a sip.

The bottle was discovered by a deep sea diver from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and is believed to have been brewed between 1872 and 1890 at the ‘Alexander Keith’ brewery. The research team used the bottle’s construction and inscriptions on its cap to determine its age.

The beer is now being sent to Scotland for further tests, and researchers hope it will provide clues about Canada’s earliest beers. The Canada Confederation was born in 1867, just a few years before the beer was likely brewed.