A British website has released what it claims are eyewitness accounts from the day freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was reportedly killed in a plane crash in Taiwan in 1945. The website, www.bosefiles.info, was set up to recount Bose’s last days and quotes several people related to the accident, along with two British intelligence reports on the crash site, reported PTI.

A statement on the website said, “For 70 years, there have been doubts in certain circles whether such a tragedy at all took place. Four separate reports each corroborating the other constitute irresistible evidence to the contrary.” The website also reportedly sheds light on what may have been Bose’s last words before he died, which reflected his devotion to the cause of India’s freedom.

In 1956, an official three-member inquiry committee concluded that Bose died in the air crash. However, in 2006, another inquiry committee headed by Justice MK Mukherjee said that Bose did not die in the accident. The verdict is yet to be officially accepted by the central government. Members of Bose's extended family have been demanding the declassification of government files related to him.