At least 25 people have died in snowstorm-related incidents after a massive blizzard hit the eastern coast of the United States over the weekend, reported AFP. The blizzard – dubbed Snowzilla – wreaked havoc in a dozen states from Friday to early Sunday, affecting an estimated 85 million residents. Many of the storm-related deaths were people who suffered heart attacks while shoveling. Hundreds of thousands were left without power at the height of the storm, including nearly 150,000 outages in North Carolina, emergency officials said.

New York's Central Park received 26.8 inches of snow, the second-highest accumulation since records began in 1869. However, as the storm ended and temperatures rose, the city emerged from a total shutdown and lifted a sweeping travel ban. Roads were reopened throughout the city, on Long Island and in New Jersey.

Washington was still reeling, with government offices and schools to remain closed on Monday. The capital received more than 22 inches of snow and AFP reported that authorities were struggling to get the city back up and running. The national capital is reportedly not as adept at handling winter weather extremes compared to New York. Public schools and government offices will remain closed on Monday, and only limited public transportation is due to resume.