A day after actor Anupam Kher alleged that Pakistan denied him a visa, Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit spoke to him and offered him one. Basit on Wednesday also apologised for the fiasco, which included Pakistan saying they had never received a visa application from Kher. The actor, however, thanked Basit for the offer, but said he had already rescheduled other things for the days he was supposed to be in Pakistan for the Karachi Literature Festival.

The actor, who was scheduled to attend the festival along with 17 others, on Tuesday said he had been denied a visa. Kher said he was denied a no objection certificate for his visa, after which Basit said one was not necessary. Hindustan Times reported that officials told Kher if he applied for a visa on Wednesday, he would get it in hours.

The incident on Tuesday sparked controversy after the actor wondered whether he was denied a visa because he was a Kashmiri pandit who might expose Pakistan’s “terror nexus” or because he might speak on India’s rich culture. Kher was reportedly denied a visa to Pakistan in May 2015 as well, for security reasons.