The French Senate has passed a law forbidding supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food. France is the first country in the world to have such a law, reported The Guardian. Supermarkets in the country will now have to donate unwanted food approaching its best-before date to charities and food banks.

Under the new law, any supermarket that is found flouting the rule will be subject to a fine up to 75,000 euros or two years' imprisonment. Jacques Bailet, head of Banques Alimentaires, a network of French food banks, said, "Most importantly, because supermarkets will be obliged to sign a donation deal with charities, we’ll be able to increase the quality and diversity of food we get and distribute."

The law is a result of a grassroots campaign started by shoppers, anti-poverty campaigners and those opposed to food waste in the country. The campaigners hope to convince the European Union to impose similar a ban in member states.