The second set of 25 secret files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose may be declassified by the Centre on February 23, Minister of Culture Mahesh Sharma said. He added that they will release 25 secret files every month. Prime Minister Narendra Modi released digital copies of 100 classified files on the freedom fighter on January 23 – the 119th birth anniversary of Bose. An official said that subsequent sets of 25 flies may be released on the 23rd of every month, PTI reported. The National Archives of India has launched a dedicated website for all declassified files related to Bose.

The files revealed several twists in Netaji's tale, including the revelation that Jawaharlal Nehru could not give any proof of Bose's death – he was believed to have suffered severe burns and died in a plane crash in Taipei. They also revealed that Mahatma Gandhi did not believe Bose died in the air crash and that Netaji's wife refused any stipends from the Congress government.