Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that disgruntled Non Government Organisations were conspiring to "defame" him and bring down his government. Speaking at a farmers' rally in Bargarh, Odisha, Modi – who hasn't publicly spoken about events at the Jawaharlal Nehru University over the last week or discussed the Jat agitation in Haryana – said that "some people" are continuously attacking him because of his actions against them.

"You would have seen in the recent past, there is attack on me all the time. Some people are continuously at it. They are not able to digest how Modi became the Prime Minister, how a 'chai wala' became the Prime Minister, they cannot swallow it," Modi said, according to PTI.

He claimed that efforts aimed at forcing NGOs to account for the money they receive from abroad prompted them into conspiring against his government. This was, in part, a reference to action taken by Modi early on against a number of NGOs operating in India, including Greenpeace, although the prime minister did not explain how they were actually attempting to bring his government down.

"We said let it come but give account of the funds received. The moment we started asking for accounts, they all got together and said 'Modi ko Maaro', 'Modi ko Maaro' (hit Modi), he is seeking accounts from us," Modi said. "They all (NGOs) got together and have been conspiring all the time how to finish Modi, how to remove Modi government and how to defame Modi."

Despite this, the prime minister claimed that he would not deviate from his path or get tired, adding that "there is no question of bowing to it."