The Delhi Cabinet has authorised the Public Works Department to vacuum-clean roads to reduce dust pollution in the Capital. The Times of India reported that the Legislative Assembly has also given an in-principle approval to a stack parking system for vehicles. The Aam Aadmi Party government will introduce two such steel structures initially. More such structures will follow depending on public feedback.

A government official said that dust from Delhi's roads and construction sites exacerbate the city's air pollution crisis. Manual sweeping of roads, according to him, contributes further to the menace, as fine particles fly up in the process and remain suspended on the surface. PWD officials said that while manual sweeping will continue as per its existing schedule, mechanised cleaning will be done once or twice a week. "PWD will engage agencies. It will not hire or purchase the machines. Along with this, greening (sic) of empty spaces has also started. A massive plantation drive will be undertaken just before monsoon," said an official.