Former home secretary GK Pillai on Saturday continued his series of revelations on inconsistencies in the United Progressive Alliance government's handling of the Ishrat Jahan shooting case, saying that the then home minister P Chidambaram had removed references to her links with the Lashkar-e-Taiba in the Centre’s affidavit. According to The Times of India, Chidambaram recalled the documents a month after the original affidavit was filed in the Supreme Court.

According to Pillai, the original affidavit cited the Intelligence Bureau as saying Jahan and the three others involved in the case were part of an LeT sleeper cell. The second affidavit said the IB’s inputs did not constitute proof. Chidambaram has not responded to these allegations.

The Congress has maintained that the shooting of Jahan and her aides was a “fake encounter”, while the Bharatiya Janata Party government says they killed them because they were LeT operatives. Pillai had earlier said that Jahan’s killing was the result of an IB operation, not one of the Gujarat Police, drawing an outcry from both the Congress and the BJP.