Neelam Katara on Wednesday moved Delhi High Court against the parole plea of Vikas Yadav, convicted of murdering her son Nitish. Stating replies by Tihar officials to her RTI query, Katara told the court that Yadav had “visited” Badaun in Uttar Pradesh several times in the past few months to “appear before court” and each visit had kept him out of Tihar jail for two days. Opposing his parole plea, she reminded the court that her son was killed by Yadav while he was out on parole in a different case. The Indian Express reported that the HC has asked the UP government to give details about the alleged visits.

She raised concern about the consequence of such paroles and said she didn't want "someone else to have to come before court 10 years later, saying my son or my brother was killed by them", like her. Nitish was first abducted and then killed by Yadav and two others on the night of February 16, 2002, in an incident of honour killing. The Yadavs did not approve of the victim's affair with UP strongman DP Yadav's daughter. A trial court awarded life term to the three accused in the case. The verdict was upheld by both HC and the Supreme Court.