Around 200 people were booked by the police on Wednesday, after women activists were allegedly manhandled by locals while trying to enter the inner sanctum of Trimbakeshwar temple in Nashik, Maharashtra. Among those booked was former president of the Trimbakeshwar Municipal Council Anagha Phadke, police said, adding that they will examine CCTV footage and take action.

The activists had waited in queue to enter the temple’s inner sanctum since 5 am, president of Pune-based Swarajya Sanghatana Vanita Gutte told PTI. The women were clad in wet cotton clothes, as per the dress code they were asked to follow, she added. They lodged a complaint with the Trimbakeshwar police after a few local priests and women, who “deliberately stood in the queue” to stop their entry, manhandled them, she said.

The Trimbakeshwar Devasthan Trust recently permitted women’s entry inside the temple between 6 am and 7 am, but they were asked to wear wet cotton or silk clothes while offering prayers. Activist Trupti Desai, who was detained in Nashik on March 7 for trying to enter the temple’s inner sanctum, said they will try to gain entry again on Thursday, ANI reported.