Lawmakers in the United States have put on hold the Barack Obama administration's decision to sell eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, saying the country might use them to against "India or other regional powers", PTI reported. Pakistan had claimed that it would help them drive out terror groups from its soil.

Congressman Brad Sherman said, “We need to offer to Pakistan those weapon systems well- crafted to go after terrorists and not crafted for a war with India." He added, "We’ve got to be concerned what military assistance and whether the F-16s constitute the least expensive, most efficient way for the Pakistani air force to go after the terrorists and the least disruptive weapon system to the balance of power between India and Pakistan."

The lawmakers now want the administration to clarify the underlying purpose of the deal and how this would be in the US' national interest. The aircraft deal was worth $700 million (Rs 4,647 crore).