A 19-year-old man, Aditya Sachdev, was shot dead in Gaya, Bihar, after he overtook an SUV belonging to Bihar Member of Legislative Council Manorama Devi. Devi's son Rocky Yadav was travelling in the Range Rover when the incident took place, and is absconding.

NDTV quoted Sachdev's friend Ayush as saying that Yadav and his bodyguard started shooting in the air after he and Sachdev overtook the car. The friend claimed they stopped the car after the firing, and an altercation broke out between the four of them. Yadav and the bodyguard punched them, he said, and a shot was fired in which Sachdev died.

Manorama Devi's father Bindi Yadav, who is influential in the area, claimed Sachdev and his friend set upon his son and he fired his licensed gun accidentally while trying to defend himself. Sachdev is the son of a prominent businessman in Gaya.