Senior members of the Bharatiya Janata Party addressed the media on Monday to refute allegations that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s academic qualifications were fake. Party president Amit Shah and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley called Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s allegations baseless. Shah also said that the party will be putting Modi’s degrees in the public domain.

Asking Kejriwal to apologise for making such accusations against Modi, the BJP president said the Aam Aadmi Party leader had defamed the nation and lowered the standard of public life by making such claims without checking facts.

However, the AAP organised a press conference soon after, insisting that the name on his bachelor's degree is different from the one on his master's degree. AAP leader Ashutosh said the BJP needs to provide the affidavit through which this purported name change was authorised.

Last week, Kejriwal had written to Delhi University asking it to put up details of Modi’s degree on its website for the public and to make sure that the degree documents were "safe". He had also claimed that the AAP had documents to prove Modi’s degree was fake. On Friday, Kejriwal had said a different Narendra Modi, not the prime minister, had received a degree from DU.

Vice Chancellor of Delhi University Yogesh Tyagi said on Monday that no orders have been issued to seal documents related to Modi's degrees. "...I have not issued any such orders, and if the university department dealing with RTIs has done in its own capacity, I have not been updated about it," he said, adding that the university will respond to the Central Information Commission's orders after checking records. Kejriwal had alleged on Twitter that the university had sealed the records. "Docs in DU hv been sealed. BJP presents Farzi docs in a PC n gets real records sealed? Why? Implement CIC order. Allow inspection (sic)," he had said.