Industrialist Adi Godrej said that the government ban on beef and prohibitions introduced in various states have affected the country's economy adversely, reported The Indian Express. However, the chairman of the $4.1-billion Godrej Group said the National Democratic Alliance's policies have been generally good so far, and commended the scrapping of red tape in business and commodity prices.

“Some of the things are affecting growth, for example, the ban on beef in some states. [This] is clearly affecting agriculture, affecting rural growth. Because what do you do with all these extra cows? It is also affecting business, because this was a good source of income for many farmers. So that’s a negative,” he told the English daily in an interview.

The 74-year-old businessman said the Hindu religion does not saying anything against eating beef. “It is a practice that evolved over years of drought, and the elders said don’t slaughter cows, preserve them for milk for children. That has turned into a religious belief. This is ridiculous. Vedic Indians were beef-eaters," he said.

However, he said that the Centre's policies over the last two years have been good. He said, "Ease of doing business really helps. We have also benefited from low commodity prices," adding that he believed India will remain the world's fastest growing economy.

Regarding the alcohol prohibition recently introduced in Bihar and Kerala, he said these steps were taken for electoral benefits. Godrej invoked the example of the United States to drive home his point that prohibition is detrimental for the economy and it has not worked for any country.