In what could be a significant restructuring of Indian football, the All Indian Football Federation is likely to recognise the Indian Super League as the country's premier league from 2017, according to a PTI report. The AIFF is said to have arrived at this decision at a meeting on Tuesday with various representatives of Indian football.

According to the report, the Indian Super League will become the main league, with the current I-League becoming League One, coming directly underneath the ISL in a hierarchical system. There will also be a League 2 underneath League 1. However, unlike other major football leagues across the world, there will be no system of promotion or relegation to the topmost Indian Super League.

Praful Patel, the president of the AIFF, said that the move was aimed at reducing friction between the existing ISL and the I-League. He added that the ISL had been a "disruption in Indian football and because of this, "we are now looking for solutions".