NGO Wildlife SOS claims Amazon India has agreed to take down traps and snares from its e-commerce website after the organisation brought to their notice how such equipment is being used for illegal animal trafficking in the country, reported PTI. The wildlife body had recently started an online petition highlighting the case of a wild sloth bear cub that had lost a limb and her mother to a snare. The petition asked the American company to stop selling such items on compassionate grounds. More than 9,000 people signed it.

"As a result of these sustained efforts and the petition launched by conservation organisation Wildlife SOS, the online retailing giant has finally sent a written confirmation to Wildlife SOS agreeing to remove all such items," the body said. They also claimed that two senior legal representatives from Amazon, who met them at their Delhi office, confirmed that they would delist around 400 items from their website. According to the NGO, Amazon was selling rare sea shells, alligator heads, starfish, snake specimens, seahorses and tarantula spiders and scorpions among other animal trophies.

"We gave a brief presentation to Amazon officials about wildlife crime in the country and the devastating effect this has on our natural heritage. The legal team was visibly moved when we showed them the picture of Rose, the bear cub, and her missing leg, which was torn off by a snare. They immediately agreed to begin taking down these items and have enlisted our help in identifying them," Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS said.