Reacting to Pakistan's opposition to India's membership bid to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the United States has said, “This is not about an arms race and it’s not about nuclear weapons. This is about the peaceful civil use of nuclear energy, and so we would certainly hope that Pakistan understands that.” Speaking to reporter, State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner, however, refused to divulge any further details and Delhi's probability of securing a spot in the council, reported The Indian Express.

“Look, all I can say is that during his visit to India in 2015, President (Barack) Obama did affirm the US view that India meets missile technology control regime requirements and is ready for membership. But it’s a consensus body, so we’ll wait and see how the vote goes,” Toner said. He said Pakistan is free to apply for membership and their application will be evaluated based on a consensus decision.

The NSG is an international group comprising 48 countries that work together to monitor and control the export of materials or technology that can be used for nuclear weapons. The group was created to help contain proliferation of nuclear power.