The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has banned advertisements for contraceptives, birth control or any kind of family planning product on television and radio, saying it had received complaints from parents. The authority sent out a notification saying, “General public is very much concerned on the exposure of such products to the innocent children, which get inquisitive on features and use of the products.” The notification also claimed parents said these advertisements were “undesired”.

Media organisations will face legal actions if they do not comply with the notification, the authority said. Last year, it had banned an advertisement for Josh condoms, saying it was ‘immoral’ and went against the country’s religious norms.

According to Dawn, the country's population is likely to reach 240 million by 2030, given that it is growing at a pace of 1.8% a year. There are reportedly 940,000 HIV positive patients in the country, the second-highest in South Asia.