The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan has written a letter to the National Commission for Women, seeking their help to scrap the practice of triple talaq, which according to them is "un-Quranic", reported NDTV. Addressed to NCW Chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam, the letter claimed that the group has collected signatures of 50,000 people supporting their cause.

"We have found that women want a legal ban on the practice of oral/unilateral divorce. Our national study 'Seeking Justice Within Family' found that 92% of Muslim women want an end to this practice, which destroys their life and the lives of their children. Coupled with oral divorce is the heinous practice of nikah halala, which also must be abolished," the women's rights group said in the letter. They wrote that the Quran does not allow the instant verbal talaq practiced in the community, instead it provisions for a "90-day process of dialogue, reconciliation and mediation before divorce takes place".

"The Muslim personal law must be reformed in such a manner that all discriminatory practices are struck down as illegal, and Muslim women's Constitutional and Quranic rights are safeguarded," the letter said, adding that the system is backed by some Muslim clerics who support such "misogynistic and patriarchal practice".