In an unusual, yet amusing, move against Islamic State militants in Libya, troops of the British Joint Special Operations Command are reportedly blasting Bollywood music to annoy the terror outfit. They adopted this method on the advice of a Pakistani-born intelligence officer with the British Army, who said the tunes will bother the terrorists as they consider music un-Islamic.

The psychological operations unit of the force intercepted terrorists’ communications and blasted them with Bollywood chart toppers. Media reports said the musical weapon also helped find their hiding spots as the Islamic State members gave their exact locations away when they complained about the music over their radios, PTI reported.

British forces are training Libyan soldiers to rid the town of Sirte and a 185-km stretch of the Libyan coastline of Islamic State militants. Playing music goes against the Sharia law imposed in Sirte, which bans everything considered western or frivolous. British and Libyan soldiers also left two cars blaring Bollywood music near Sirte, where it is believed that the Islamic State has around 4,000 insurgents.