British journalist of Indian origin Hasan Suroor has been acquitted of allegations of child abuse levelled against him by a UK-based vigilante group, after the court said there was a lack of evidence, reported Hindustan Times. "Following a further review of the case, there is now no longer a realistic prospect of conviction,” Crown Prosecution Service said on Tuesday.

Suroor is considering taking legal steps against the group, which call the Unknown TV, after the written order is issued on June 24. Passing the verdict, the judge pulled up the prosecution for mishandling the case. According to the judge, it is a worrying trend when such serious allegations are pursued on the basis of a telephone call from an unregulated vigilante group.

The allegations are related to a sting video shot by the group, in which a group of men are heckling Suroor and accusing him of paedophilia. According to Outlook, the 65-year-old journalist did not deny the group's allegations that he had met a 14-year-old girl online and that they exchanged sexually suggestive messages. They agreed to meet, and while he was waiting for the girl to show up, the group members appeared with a camera and cornered him.