Foreign Affairs Advisor to Pakistan Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz on Sunday claimed that Islamabad’s credentials for membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group are stronger than India's, reported IANS. "Pakistan has diplomatically engaged numerous countries over the criteria-based approach for non-Non Proliferation Treaty countries. If the group forms such a uniform criteria, then Pakistan has stronger credentials for NSG membership than India," Aziz said in an interview with Pakistan channel DawnNews on Sunday.

The NSG has 48 member nations, and aims to curb nuclear arms proliferation around the world. It provides norms on how material used to build nuclear weapons can be exported and traded. It was formed in response to India's first nuclear test in 1974. The group is likely to hold its next meeting on June 20.

Aziz added that if India gains entry into the group, Pakistan will not be left behind. "Our strategy was to apply after India did...We have had our application ready for the past three months," Aziz said. The diplomat also claimed that the US has formed a policy to "build up India" as "their entire attention is towards containing the Islamic world and China".