The US Senate rejected an amendment to recognise India as a “global strategic and defence partner” on Tuesday. Republican Senator John McCain had moved an amendment to the National Defence Authorisation Act, which, if passed, would have helped India acquire advanced military technology, participate in combined military planning, and be treated like the "closest defence partner" of the US.

Although the Senate passed the NDAA with a clear 85-13 majority, amendment SA 4618, which dealt with India, did not get enough votes. McCain had moved the amendment a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the US Congress during his recent visit to the country. During the trip, Modi and US President Barack Obama had discussed defence partnerships extensively.

Top Republican Senator John McCain said he was disappointed that many key amendments could not see the light of day, but did not mention India specifically.“I regret that the Senate was unable to debate and vote on several matters critical to our national security, many of which enjoyed broad bipartisan support,” he said in a statement.