A special plenary meet of the Nuclear Suppliers Group will reportedly be held later on Thursday night in Seoul, where India’s membership to the international body will be discussed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Tashkent for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, discussed India’s bid to join the NSG with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Sources have said the Chinese president’s decision on India joining the group will be communicated to a team in Seoul, ANI reported.

China had earlier opposed India’s membership to the international body, but on Wednesday did a volte face and said it was open to discussions on the issue. The Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday said Modi urged China to make a "fair and objective assessment of India's application based on merit", ANI reported.

India has lobbied strongly for its bid, and has the support of nations including Britain and Switzerland, while the United States has also urged other members to support India. Pakistan Foreign Advisor Sartaj Aziz on Wednesday said it had successfully blocked India’s membership bid.