Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Saturday called an emergency meeting of leaders of six founding nations of the European Union in Berlin. Besides Germany, top leaders from France, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg were called for the meeting. Steinmeier said it was critical to see Britain’s vote to exit the EU as a wake-up call, reported AP. Britain on Thursday went to the polls to decide if it would remain in the EU. Results on Friday showed 51.9% of the UK voted to leave the Union.

EU leaders on Friday urged Britain to make its exit from the UK as quickly as possible, though the process could take as long as two years. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he wanted negotiations for Brexit, as it has come to be known, to begin immediately. “Britons decided yesterday that they want to leave the European Union, so it doesn't make any sense to wait until October to try to negotiate the terms of their departure,” Juncker told Germany's ARD television station.

UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron, a vocal supporter of remaining in the EU, on Friday announced his resignation and said he felt another leader needed to steer Britain in its leaving the EU.