Popstar Prince’s iconic Yellow Cloud guitar and a lock of British pop legend David Bowie’s hair together fetched more than $150,000 (approximately Rs 1.02 crore) at an auction in Beverly Hills, California. While the electric guitar was bought for $137,500 by Jim Irsay, the owner of American football team Indianapolis Colts, Bowie’s hair was bought for $18,750 by a former employee of Madame Tussauds in London, BBC reported.

The Yellow Cloud guitar, which was custom made for Prince in the late 1980s, was believed to be one of his favourites. The popstar died from an accidental overdose of opioid at his home in Minnesota in April. Bowie died in January after an 18-month-long battle with cancer.

Irsay is known to collect musical instruments, having those that were once owned by the likes of John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia of rock band ‘Grateful Dead’. He reportedly shelled out $2.1 million last December for ‘Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr’s drum kit.