Pro-state Chinese daily the Global Times on Tuesday said India was not getting membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group because of the international body's rules, and not China's lack of support. Backing China's stand on the issue, an editorial in the English newspaper called India a "spoilt" and "smug" nation that is back strongly by the West, which at the same time is giving China a "thumbs down".

According to the piece, China did not deliberately block India's entry to the 48-nation international group, which monitors the export of materials or technology used to create nuclear weapons. “Since its foundation in 1975, all NSG members shall be Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signatories. This has become the primary principle of the organisation. Now India wants to be the first exception to join the NSG without signing the NPT. It is morally legitimate for China and other members to upset India’s proposal in defence of principles,” said the article.

The editorial further questioned West strongly backing India. "Although the South Asian country's GDP accounts for only 20% of that of China, it is still a golden boy in the eyes of the West. The international adulation of India makes the country a bit smug in international affairs."

Both India and Pakistan, two non-NPT countries, have applied for NSG membership. However, an NSG plenary session in Seoul on June 24 ended without any consensus on their joining. China was one of many nations to oppose India's entry.