Swedish home store Ikea on Tuesday recalled 29 million chests and dressers after there were reports that six children were killed when the ready-to-assemble furniture fell on them. Ikea is the world’s largest furniture retailer, and is particularly known for its cheap, do-it-yourself items. The company had earlier said the chests and dressers in question were from its Malm series, and that they “could be a danger”, BBC reported.

Ikea has advised its customers to mount the furniture onto walls for them to be safe, and has said it will provide free kits to help attach them. It has also said it will refund customers for these items. All the children killed were three years old or under, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

Ikea is yet to launch in India, though some of its smaller items have cropped up on certain e-commerce sites. It is expected to open its first Indian store in Hyderabad in 2017. It is also looking for locations for its massive stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.