Bollywood star Aamir Khan on Monday said it was insensitive of industry colleague Salman Khan to say that he felt like a “raped woman” after a tough film shoot, a comment that got the Sultan actor into all kinds of trouble. Aamir Khan was asked his views on Salman Khan’s comments at a promotional event for his upcoming film Dangal. He replied, “I wasn't present when he made the comment but going by media reports, I feel what he said was unfortunate and rather insensitive.” When asked later if he had any advice for his Andaz Apna Apna co-star, Aamir Khan said, “Who am I to advise?”

This is among the first real responses by a popular Bollywood personality to Salman Khan’s comments, which were criticised for trivialising the experiences of sexual assault victims. The National Commission for Women has sent him multiple notices, and claimed that he was not apologetic at all in his response to them.

While Salman Khan has not publicly reacted to the furore his remark caused, his father Salim Khan had said, "Undoubtedly what Salman said is wrong, the simili, example and the context. The intention was not wrong."