A mob of 46 men from the upper caste Mer community lynched a Dalit man in Sodhana village, Gujarat on Friday, The Indian Express reported. Police teams were sent to the village after the village's Dalit residents gathered on the Pobandar-Jamnagar Road and other protest groups formed at a paan shop. The man’s family refused to claim his body and organised a dharna near the police superintendent’s office in Porbandar, demanding justice for the victim, Rama Singrahiya.

According to an FIR recorded with the Bagvadar Police, the mob beat up Singrahiya when he was trying to sow seeds in a plot of land they said was meant to graze cattle. Singrahiya’s family claimed they had been cultivating that plot for more than a decade and that he should now be buried there. The upper caste village authorities have refused to allow this, alleging Singrahiya encroached the land.

The police said they had arrested Parbat Karavadra, Lakhu Mer and Nilesh Babar in connection with the crime.