Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who was supposed to come back to Mumbai from Saudi Arabia on Monday morning, has called off his return. "He is not coming to Mumbai today [Monday] for sure," said Tanvir Shaikh, a trustee of Naik's Islamic Research Foundation. The preacher is likely to issue a clarification through a video conference, reported Hindustan Times. According to dna, the Shiv Sena had demanded that Naik be arrested as soon as he returns to India.

The televangelist has been under the government's lens ever since allegations arose that inspired one of the terrorists in the Dhaka restaurant attack on July 2. He has now been accused of meeting two brothers from Kerala who went missing from West Asia and are feared to have joined the Islamic State group.

On Sunday, the Bangladesh government banned the broadcasting of Naik’s Peace TV Bangla channel. Meanwhile, Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Star denied that it published any report pointing at the involvement of Naik, reported Indian Express. "The Daily Star categorically denies this allegation and wants to say it did not report that any terrorist was inspired by Zakir Naik to kill innocent people," read a statement issued by the newspaper on Saturday.

Naik was first questioned in 2002-2003 after a series of blasts in Mumbai. However, no evidence was found against him. “But since then Naik has been under continuous surveillance of the intelligence units and agencies,” a senior IPS officer who questioned Naik, told Hindustan Times.