A panel set up by the Haryana government to investigate the violence that took place during the Jat reservation protests has not yet received a single complaint in the matter. In a public notice released on June 17, the two-member inquiry commission had set a 30-day deadline for registration of complaints on the clashes. The deadline ends on Saturday, July 17, The Indian Express reported.

The state saw violent protests from February 18 to 23, during which 30 people were killed and more than 300 were injured. There was extensive damage to property, which resulted in losses worth crores. While more than 2,000 police cases related to arson, mob violence and vandalism had been registered, no victims have come forward so far, The Times of India reported.

The inquiry panel – headed by Justice SN Jha (retired) and comprising former Indian Police Service officer NC Padhi – had invited people to lodge complaints “supported by an affidavit sworn by the victim or any person acquainted with the facts”. “It is surprising that such a big incident took place, but there are no complaints,” Jha said. He added that a “miscommunication” could be the problem and urged the media to spread awareness on the matter.

Jha on Tuesday emphasised that the primary issue with this non-cooperation was that the committee did not have the authority to investigate the matter on its own. “We can only investigate on the basis of complaints or allegations submitted to us,” he said.

So far, the panel has only received one CD via post. But they have not examined its content yet as they need to wait till the deadline for registering complaints ends, Jha said. However, he clarified that the CD cannot be considered a complaint. The committee needs to submit its report in six months.