Founder and CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk on Wednesday announced the second part of the Tesla 'Master Plan,' a decade after he revealed the original blueprint for his electric car company. The Master Plan intends to bring millions of driver-less cars on to the roads, turn Tesla's attention beyond personal automobiles to trucks and buses, and also establish something akin to a driver-less Uber.

Earlier this week, Tesla had said it would consider Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari's offer to set up a manufacturing unit in India to boost its South Asia presence. Gadkari had also suggested that the electric car manufacturer enter into a joint venture with Indian automakers to bring in more non-polluting vehicles to the country's roads.

Musk's new plan envisions a deal with American energy services provided SolarCity to "create a smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product", in addition to making fully driver-less automobiles that will allow owners to let the cars earn money by driving others when not being used. Tesla is also working on an electric heavy-duty cargo truck, as well as an autonomous electric bus.