Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on Thursday became the third-richest person in the world, after his net worth rose to $32 million more than business tycoon Warren Buffett. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos is now worth $65.05 billion (Rs 4.36 lakh crore), after a rise of $5.4 billion (Rs 36,252 crore) in his fortune this year.

Bezos’ wealth comes largely from Amazon’s success – the company posted its highest net income in April. In particular, its delivery and cloud services, as well as gadgets such as the Kindle and Echo contributed to its gains, Bloomberg reported.

On the other hand, Buffett gave away $2.2 billion (Rs 14,000 crore) worth of his stocks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation this year. The world’s richest person is still Microsoft’s Bill Gates, with a net worth of $89 billion (Rs 5.9 lakh crore), followed by Spanish magnate Amancio Ortega, who controls $73 billion (Rs 4.9 lakh crore).