Japan is not happy about the popular augmented reality game Pokémon GO extending its peripheries into the atomic bomb memorial park in Hiroshima, reported Hindustan Times. The city administration has asked developers of the game to remove "Pokestops", "Gyms" and other virtual sites listed at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park by August 6, which is the 71st anniversary of the devastating attack.

The game was released in the country on July 22. Niantic Inc, however, did not comment on the development. The company said it will not reveal discussions with a third party. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC had made a similar request to the game developers.

The augmented reality game allows players to capture, train and battle virtual creatures. Soon after its release, the market value of Japanese gaming giant Nintendo surpassed that of Sony, with its stock having more than doubled since the release of the widely popular app.