A passenger on board an Indigo flight from Dubai to Calicut was detained on Thursday after he reportedly misbehaved with crew members on the aircraft and became "unruly". The flight, 6E 89, landed in Mumbai at 9.15 am and after airline staff handed over the man to local police, it took off at 10.30 am, reported The Hindu. Earlier reports had said the flight landed because the passenger shouted pro-Islamic State slogans, but airport authorities and security officials denied the claims.

According to a statement released by the airline, the passenger, who was charged with unruly behaviour, suddenly started misbehaving with members of the crew just before the flight was scheduled to land. He reportedly jumped on the cart used to move food and on-board merchandise and sat on it. "Later, he stepped down from the cart but got violent and started physically abusing another co-passenger," read the statement.