Aam Aadmi Party MLA Sharad Chauhan and seven others were arrested on Sunday in connection with the suicide of a party worker, who died on July 19. The Special Investigation Team of the Delhi Police made the arrests, and officials said Chauhan’s role in the suicide had not been determined yet. AAP leader Ashutosh reacted to the developments by tweeting: “Has Modi gone mad? Has he lost his mental balance? If PM acts with such anger/vengeance then is country safe! [sic].”

The Delhi Police on Wednesday had arrested another AAP legislator, Ramesh Bhardwaj in connection with the suicide of another party activist who had accused him of sexual harassment. Her family had alleged she had suspected that Bhardwaj was being shielded by a senior AAP leader. A total of 11 AAP MLAs have been arrested in various cases over the past few months, prompting its chief Arvind Kejriwal to criticise the central government and suggest there is a conspiracy to undermine his party.