Award-winning director Ashim Ahluwalia's remake of the visionary 16 mm short film Events In A Cloud Chamber will have its world premiere at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. The Miss Lovely director's new film will be shown in the Venice Classic section of the festival.

Ahluwalia made the 20-minute film in collaboration with Indian artist and Padma Bhushan awardee Akbar Padamsee. The film was originally made in 1969 by Padamsee. The remake of Events In A Could Chamber, one of the oldest Indian experimental films, was produced by Ahluwalia’s company, Future East, and art gallery Jhaveri Contemporary. The Mumbai gallery will screen the film in November 2016.

Ahluwalia said, "When I met Akbar Padamsee, he was 87 years old. I knew he was one of the pioneers of Indian modernist painting but I had no idea that he had made two forgotten experimental films." He said the film was shipped to an art expo in Delhi in the 70s, where it got misplaced. It has had only a few screenings so far.

"I wanted him [Padamsee] to try and remember this film so that we could both attempt to make it again. He couldn't completely remember how exactly the film was made, and that was what made the process so fascinating and collaborative for me." he said.