At least 11 premature babies died in a fire in a hospital in Baghdad, Iraq, early on Wednesday. Seven other babies and 29 women were rescued from the blaze that broke out in the maternity ward of Yarmouk Hospital (pictured above). The Health Ministry said an electrical fault was the mostly likely cause of the fire, Reuters reported. Those evacuated were transferred to another hospital.

It took firefighters three hours to douse the flames at Yarmouk, which is the primary hospital in the western side of the Iraqi capital. However, photographs shared on social media showed the hospital in a filthy state, with overflowing dustbins and cockroaches.

The country has been suffering from an acute shortage of water, hospitals, electricity and schools, since the United States-led invasion overthrew the Saddam Hussein regime. The incident is expected to add fuel to accusations of corruption in the state, despite the efforts of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to tackle graft.