India's Atanu Das lost 4-6 to South Korea's Lee Sueng-Yun in the round of 16 in the men's individual archery competition at the 2016 Rio Olympics on Friday. Lee won 30-28, 28-30, 27-27, 28-27, 27-27.

Das, ranked 22 in the world, lost the first round, as Lee shot a perfect 30 to his 28. In the second set, it was Das who shot 30 while Lee managed a 28. In the third set, Das missed a golden opportunity to surge ahead when Lee shot a wavered 27, but it ended up in a tie. Das then lost the fourth set by a single point. The two archers tied the last set with 27 points each.

Lee, who is the current World No 8, had earlier shot a 676 in the ranking round to finish 12th. On Friday, he will face World No 5 Sjef Van Den Berg of the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.