Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar finished fourth in the vault finals at the Rio Olympics on Sunday with a cumulative score of 15.066. The 23-year-old thus narrowly missed out on a medal, as the United States' Simone Biles won gold with a score of 15.966. Russia's Maria Paseka won the silver with 15.253, while Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber clinched the bronze with 15.216.

Karmakar's first single vault gave her a score of 14.866, which meant she had to do better in order to be in medal contention. She then attempted the Produnova vault, her signature move next, which gave her a 15.266. The judges debated for a long time to award Karmakar her score on the second vault, as she looked to have touched the mat while landing.

Karmakar rose to second in the standings with two gymnasts to go, including the 2012 bronze medalist Paseka and this year's Olympic all-round champion Biles. She ended up being pushed down to fourth after all eight finalists had completed their vaults.