Ranthambore National Park's most famous tigress, 20-year-old Machli, died on Thursday morning. Officials said the tigress, who once killed a 14-foot crocodile, had not eaten for the past five days. The Times of India reported that T-16, as she was codenamed, had brought in more than $10 million (approximately Rs 67 crore) a year to the national park over the past 10 years.

The tigress inherited her name from her mother, who had a mark resembling a fish on her left cheek. Machli was also known as the Lady of the Lakes. She was featured in several short films and documentaries, and given the Travel Operators of Tigers Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. She is believed to be the world's most photographed tigress.

Officials from the park had told Scroll.in that Machli had a unique identification sign in the form of a stripe shaped like the number 4. It is estimated that at least half of Ranthambore’s 60-odd tigers have descended from Machli.