Union Culture and Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma on Friday apologised to a watchman after his security officer thrashed him up for delay in opening the gates to the housing society in Ghaziabad, reported ANI. The incident was strongly criticised after a video footage of the assault went viral on social media. Sharma also suspended the security personnel and asked the local police to investigate the matter.

The minister said, "When I came to know of the incident, without finding out who is guilty, I apologised to society guard." He said he has also apologised to president of the housing society. "If two security guards are fighting, what more can a minister do?" Sharma said.

After the incident, the watchman said it took him hardly two minutes to open the gates, still the minister's security officer beat him up and abused him. In the video, the security officer is seen thrashing the watchman after Sharma's entourage moved away.