A Delhi court on Monday sentenced two convicts to death and one to life imprisonment for the murder of IT executive Jigisha Ghosh, ANI reported. Both Special Public Prosecutor Rajiv Mohan and the lawyers representing Ghosh's parents had sought capital punishment for the three men, with Mohan saying that the convicts had killed the victim for pleasure.

The three men were pronounced guilty in July for abducting and murdering Ghosh in 2009 after she was dropped home from work. The accused were captured after being caught on camera using her debit card. The three men were also involved in the murder of television journalist Soumya Vishwanathan in 2008, according to the Delhi Police.

The lawyer for one of the convicted men, Ravi Kapoor, had argued that he was mentally unfit and had sought a life sentence instead. The counsel for the other two accused, Amit Shukla and Baljeet Malik, had asked the court to look at reformation as an option for them.