A Home Ministry panel has suggested that pellet guns should be replaced with PAVA shells that are believed to be a "less lethal" ammunition, reported PTI. The committee was set up to look into alternatives to the pellet guns that has caused irreversible damages to thousands of protestors in Kashmir during the protests that started after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen leader Burhan Wani on July 8.

The shells contain Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide in them. The organic compound is found in chilli pepper. The ammunition derives its name from the compound, which is also called Nonivamide. According to the panel, the compound will cause severe irritation and paralyse the person it is fired at for a short period of time. It is also considered to be bio-safe.

The panel reportedly tested the new ammunition earlier this week. The Indian Institute of Toxicology Research in Lucknow has been working on the shells over a year now. The committee has suggested that the government should "immediately" ask the Tear Smoke Unit of the Border Security Force in Gwalior to produce at least 50,000 rounds of the shells as the first lot.