Refund claims for open-world space exploration game No Man’s Sky are being fulfilled by Amazon’s United States division, Sony and game distribution network Steam, according to NDTV. Several users on link-sharing and discussion website Reddit claim to have received the amount of money they paid for the game despite the gaming hours logged in, the report says.

One user said Steam issued a refund even after their copy logged over eight hours in the game. According to another gamer, Sony’s PlayStation Network customer support fulfilled a claim for a copy that had been used for over 50 hours. Other Reddit users speculated over the reasoning behind the refunds, with one saying it was probably because of "false advertising". "I received a full refund from Amazon on one of my two copies," the user, "unreqistered", said.

The game, which received much media attention in the run-up to its release, has disappointed many with reviewers and users criticising it for several technical issues as well as its "repetitive, superficial" gameplay, even as they have praised it for its visual experiences. Some have also put up posts asking why certain features promised to gamers was not included in its final version.