The United States is not planning on imposing any sanctions against Pakistan for not taking action against terrorist organisations working on its soil, the country's State Department has confirmed, according to PTI. The American government asserted that the situation has not reached a point where such a step is required.

The department's spokesperson, Mark Toner, said, "I mean, we continue to have conversations with the highest level of the government of Pakistan and our basic point in all these conversations is that Pakistan must target all militant groups, including those that target Pakistan's neighbours and eliminate all safe havens and that is what I was trying to convey to you as well." He said the Nawaz Sharif government has assured the Barack Obama administration that they will work towards the elimination of such forces from the country.

According to him, the American government has encouraged and pushed for greater counterterrorism cooperation and intelligence sharing between India and Pakistan regarding incidents like the Mumbai terror attacks, reported ANI. He said the US will also work with Pakistan in their counterterrorism operations along the Afghanistan border.

Toner said, "The ultimate goal is we want to see peace and stability in the region, and so that is going involve efforts on Pakistan's part as well as the ability of Afghanistan and the Afghan government to provide the stability and security to its own people. And that is our efforts we are focused on."